Glauco is a graduate of Saint Thomas University, Miami, Fl (2009),  has a Master Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy,  a Master Degree in Metaphysics  Science and is also a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner - University of Metaphysics.(2015) 

Glauco is a Certified Career Support Specialist, Certified Recovery Support Specialist- 2009, Fl. In addition, he has a Bachelor Degree in Clinical Psychology (1994) - Mackenzie University, Specialization in Parapsychology (1994) - Anchieta University and a Bachelor Degree of Metaphysical Science. (2015) - University of Metaphysics. Glauco  has the psychic ability of Clairsentience, Clairaudiience and connect with angels and spirits to assist you in your life journey. Glauco  is an expert in aura and tarot readings and astrological charts.
Glauco’s approach to Career Coaching and Intuitive Healing has been strongly influenced by masters in Psychology, Metaphysics, , Psychoanalysis, Neurolinguistic Programming, Behavior Management as well as Gods and Angels.


The foundation of Career coaching is based on mutual trust between you and the coach. Your skills, creativity and resources are our start point. At the beginning of the meeting you define aspects you would like to investigate during the session. During the coaching process Glauco will show empathy, challenge you and motivate you in finding ways to reach your goals.
As a Career Coach,  Glauco also assists you by investigating what is the best career option for you, resume analysis and construction,  how to manage an individual and group interview- interview techniques,  tools to jobbing hunt, how to improve your communication skills and vocational orientation. You will also learn tools to develop your Personal Marketing skills, finding what your talents are.
As a Psychic, Glauco intuitively teaches you how to identify challenges in your past and present life time, the first impression in a dating process and tools to find  spiritual love.  In addition, you will learn how to identify your soul mates and how to create happiness and health in your life. Glauco's readings are focused on  predictions about  personal, professional, love, and family  affairs in the past, present & future as well as messages from loved ones that are deceased.